Australis goodies 💖

So I shared my Australis Cosmetics collection on my Instagram (@chantelle_elise_beauty) and Australis got in contact with me as they couldn’t believe how large my collection was so wanted to send a little gift as a thanks for being one of their biggest fans and loving their brand as much as they do! 

And they sent me this incredibly generous package!

These are all fairly new products of theirs with the cream contour kit only coming out a week or so ago. I’ve always wanted to try a cream contour kit as they seem easier to blend and someone like me who is new to contouring would be able to use easily. Here’s the swatches of the colours in the kit. And boy do they blend well! I was so happy with the results when I used this contour kit for the first time!

They also sent me two shades from their Velourlips range – Buda-Pash and Ro-Ma. They a liquid lipsticks and this formula is amazing I don’t find them drying at all in these new shades and they smell so sweet you just want to eat them and they wear incredibly well even with eating and drinking. Their swatches as the bottom two in the below photo with Ro-Ma on the top and Buda-Pash on the bottom.

I also received two of their Colour Inject Mineral Lipsticks. Theses are so moisturising and pigmented and stay and very well for a regular lipstick. Especially when I most wear liquid lipsticks these days. I got them in the shade Indie Rock which is a black – which I believe is the first black lipstick available in the drugstore in Australia – correct me if I’m wrong. And Twerk which is a vibrant neon barbie pink! 

I’m so thankful to Australis Cosmetics for this package and love every item they gave me. I just did an order with them in their 50% off sale so I’ll put up a post on that when I receive it.  

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