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Bdellium Tools Brush Review 

So I received these in the mail almost a week ago now from Bdellium Tools to try them out and I’ve really enjoyed using them this week!

I was so excited to use them so because I didn’t give them a thorough clean before using them they all shed a couple hairs on the first use but that’s it. 

Studio 769 Angled Contour $10.50

This brush is great for the precision you need for contouring especially as it is angled it’s makes the job even easier! I found the brush hairs to be fairly coarse but after a few washes I’m hoping they will get a little softer.  

Studio 945 Contour $11.00

I found I went for this brush more than the angled contour as its softer so it glided across the skin so much smoother creating the perfect contour. I found this brush was also great for apply highlight.

Studio 975 Mixed Powder $17.00


A brush that is in everyone’s collection a great multi use powder brush! Again found this brush a little coarse and had to press it on whichever powder I was using a few times for it to pick up enough product. But overall very happy with this brush! You can never have enough of these brushes!

Studio 957 Precision Kabuki $16.50

I’m used to my Morphe G6 brush which is very similar to this brush but the brush hairs are shorter and more dense, so it took a few days to get used to this brush. But now I am completely in love. Out of the four I received this is definitely my favourite! It blends out my foundation so easily without trapping much of the product in the brush! Which is a huge plus in my books!
So overall I am really enjoying these brushes. I’m in love with the handles too! They feel great to hold and have a bit of weight in them so I feel as though I have more control with the brush. They feel incredibly sturdy and great quality. Highly recommend 😀

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