Dream Creators Au Event 14th Nov 2015

Being my first event since starting this blog and my beauty Instagram I wasn’t nervous at all but really excited to meet like minded people and discover products I’ve never seen or tried before.

It was so lovely meeting everyone and hope to see you all again at another event in the future. I’m still in the process of slowly going through all of the products to review them so this is more of a Thank you to Mel for organising this great event and to show you all what I received on the day! I already have a few favourites as well which I will mention. 🙂

I’m so overwhelmed by the generosity of all of these brands! I’m so excited to try everything out, especially the skincare as I really need to get my butt into gear and find myself a great skincare routine.

If any of you have any skincare suggestions for dry skin, pore and fine line minimisers I would greatly appreciate it as I feel a little lost when it comes to skincare 😊
Ok so here’s some of my favourites so far:

TÄNDA soy candle with a wood wick in the scent Tahitian Lime & Coconut


Everything about this candle is perfection down to the packaging! If you love candles then you will love the candles by TÄNDA!!

TÄNDA Online Shop
Harvest Garden Epsom Bath Salts


I’ve needed to get some more Epsom salts for my baths for awhile now so this was perfect! And it comes with the cutest little scoop 😍

Harvest Garden products are 100% natural and contain no nasties which is always a plus for me as I have sensitive skin. I received a few other products from them which I haven’t tried out yet but will let you know how I go with them!

Harvest Garden Website
That’s all I’ve really tried so far so I’ll put up a few more posts up on the products I received over the next few weeks 🙂 thanks for reading

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