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TBT – Australis Double Decker eyeshadow duo

I was looking through my makeup collection and I thought I would put up a little Throwback Thursday post up for you guys. 

These eyeshadows I’ve had for quite a few years now but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them. I used them so much then and had to do some swatches for you guys.

They have two compartments: you lift up the lid and there’s a cream eyeshadow base and under that there’s another section that hold the loose pigment eyeshadow. 

Swatches of the cream eyeshadow alone:

And with the loose pigment placed on top:

As you can see it’s incredible colour pay off and this colour would last all day long on the lids. I wish these were still around as it was so handy having both products in this compact packaging but I do believe that Dose of Colours have something very similar with their Eye Deal duo eyeshadows.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little TBT, I’ll have another one of these up fairly soon with some of my first ever makeup products including my first eyeshadow palette! 



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