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TBT – My First Makeup Products

I was going through some old makeup bags recently and came across some of my first makeup products. So I had to share them with you of course and would love to know if any of you used these and loved them as much as I did 🙂


Cover Girl lip and eye palette

I remember getting this for my birthday as my first palette ever! I was so excited and used it a tonne. This is going back 10-15 years ago so it was all about that frosted purple look.


Maybelline Cool Effect eye colour in Ice Princess

This was one of my most used products back in the day. I would put it all over the lid and with mascara that was the extent of my eye makeup look but it really made my eyes pop so I stuck with that look for years. Haha.


Lip Smacker – Sour Smackers


All the girls had to have these at school. They still smell just like I remember them. Sickly sweet, but sooooo good! I remember applying these constantly and the watermelon one was my absolute favourite. 

They tasted so good haha.


Be yourself – Neon glitter eyeshadow palette

6-7 years ago I was completely obsessed with this palette and used it almost everyday. I was into my bright colours to say the least. That green though 💖 it was definitely a favourite.


Well that’s it for my little Throwback Thursday post. I hope you enjoyed and I’d love to hear what your first makeup products were in the comment section below 🙂


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