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Australis Cosmetics – AC Gems Limited Edition Collection – First impressions and review

I’m a little bit excited to show these new products to you guys. I received the whole collection from Australis last Friday and couldn’t show you until now. I wasn’t made to put up any kind of post about these, so all opinions in this post are completely honest and 100% me as usual. 

I am extremely grateful to receive these products and share with you all what I think about them šŸ™‚

Best kind of package to get in the mail especially on a Friday!
These are all of the products in the AC Gems Collection that will be released in May. They are also Limited Edition, so grab them as soon as you can!

There is 8 products in the collection. 4 metallic cream eyeshadows and 4 matching Velourlips.  

AC Gems Eyeshadows


The consistency of these eyeshadows as like a cream/gel like feel and applies so easily and blends out surprisingly well. As most cream eyeshadows can be a chore to blend, these definitely aren’t like that. They are very pigmented and are perfect as a topper on your eyeshadow look, inner highlight or an all over lid colour.

In the photo above I used ‘Jaded’ for the lower lash line, ‘on the tennis Quartz’ for the inner and outer corners of the eye and ‘born to di-amond’ for the centre of the lid as well as the inner corner highlight.

It’s always a good idea to prime your lids before applying eyeshadows like this to intensify the colour, prevent creasing and also to prevent your lids from drying as mine tend to do with cream eyeshadows if I don’t prime.

These shades are absolutely gorgeous and can be used for numerous looks. I can’t wait to play around with them some more over the next few weeks.

AC Gems Velourlips – Matte Lip Creams

These are the 4 matching Velourlips in this collection and I absolutely love the colours Australis has come out with. These shades have definitely been missing in the local beauty stores in Australia, so I’m really excited to experiment with these.

As usual these smell like candy Grape like the rest of the shades in the permanent Velourlips range, which I love! These have a doe foot applicator which makes it easy to apply and has a very creamy consistency.

  In the swatch above I did 3 layers on the white and 2 layers on the rest. White products in makeup as usual can be a little patchy and need a couple of layers to get a nice even look, which doesn’t bother me in the slightest as that’s just what is expected from whites products like this. The rest of the colours applied with no issues and glided on really nicely. 

When they dry down on the lips they do not budge. They can tend to rub away in the centre of the lips during eating but nothing a quick touch up can’t fix. 

These do take a couple of minutes to completely dry down because of their consistency, so try to avoid rubbing your lips together or eating or drinking before they completely dry down.

Swatch comparison

Quarts and all – As you can see from this swatch I have absolutely nothing close to the shade ‘Quarts and all’. But I wanted to see how it compared to a few of my favourite mauve nude colours and it is definitely on the grey side. Which I’ll definitely wear to mix things up a bit.

Full Moon-stone – I applied three layer on both Full Moon-stone and drug lord and as you can see here drug lord is definitely more pigmented. But I don’t know about you but I can’t rock a white lip so Full Moon-stone is going to be great for me when I mix my liquid lipsticks to get the perfect shade when I’m playing around with different colours.

Em-ruled City – This shades is definitely darker than Misteltoe but I wanted to see how they compare. I find Em-ruled City to be a more wearable colour, for me anyway. I can’t wait to wear it, coming into winter.

To-Paz or not To-Paz – This shade is almost an exact dupe for Jeffree Star cosmetics ‘Abused’ it’s crazy close! But abused has more of a purple undertone to it. Whereas To-Paz or not To-Paz is more of a true navy.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below if you have any questions about these products that I haven’t already answered in this post.

Thank you for reading


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