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Birthday Beauty Haul

So I finally got most of my birthday presents and birthday haul in today so I thought I would show you all what I got. Ps. I got spoilt rotten as usual but these are just beauty products I received I got myself for my birthday, not everything else or we would be here forever.
So first of I’ll show you what I got with my Mecca gift voucher that I received:

I am so excited and happy that I was able to add these beauties to my collection. Not that I needed more eyeshadow palettes, buuuuut they’re so pretty and they smell AMAZING!! Even my kitten Zelda loves them (she preferred the Bon bons palette though, like a true woman obsessed with chocolate) and I know I will get a lot of use out of these.

This is actually the cutest eyeshadow palette I’ve ever seen in my life and if you don’t have it go to Mecca right now and get it! I mean it’s limited edition and the perfect everyday palette you can say no to that!

These kind of colours just do something to me. I’m obsessed with every single colour in here and I’ll post a swatch and review post once I’ve played around with it for a few weeks but man those purples!! Can’t wait to create some looks with this!

πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– I can tell just by looking at the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette that it has the best transition and crease shades and I’m so excited to use this! It completes my chocolate bar palette collection which I’m also pretty happy about πŸ™‚
And now my birthday haul that I got while in the City (Melbourne):

I had a voucher from Mimco for my birthday so I finally got myself one of their small pouches which I don’t leave home without now.

I got a few new goodies from Lush as well as my absolute favourite bar soap Miranda bar soap. 

So I got The Experimenter and Yoga bath bombs which I’m still yet to try but I’m super excited to try out the Experimenter one. And of course Miranda soap. It has kiwi fruit and other amazing stuff in it and I can’t live without it now πŸ™‚

And now my small Sephora haul πŸ™‚

First off I went straight to the Tarte stand to see if they had their Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in Exposed in stock and there was one left so I grabbed it so damn fast and I’m completely in love with it. The perfect shade for fair skin.

Also from Tarte I got their Tartlette Tease eyeshadow palette.

This is a great palette for travelling or some something small to keep in your makeup bag in your bag. 

The colour payoff is great and they blend out really well.

And I finally found Thunderstruck metal crush eyeshadow in stock at the Kat Von D stand so I grabbed that as well and it’s my favourite highlighter at the moment!

So this is everything I got. I still have my Jeffree Star order on its way so I’ll do a separate post for that. 

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