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Swatch Sunday – Australis Velourlips

So for this weeks Swatch Sunday I thought I would do a one brand swatch and as I now have 20 Australis Velourlips I thought I should do those first.

I had to do two separate swatches as I have so many and boy it took a lot of wipes to get it all off my arm as these have great lasting power!

I still don’t have the whole collection of these but I’m certainly getting there. These all have a candy grape scent to them which I absolutely love as well.

The trick with these is to try and apply a thin even layer on the lips for the most comfortable and long lasting application.

My top 5 favourite shades are:

  • Lun-dun
  • Shang-hi
  • Mi-a-mee
  • Bar-tha-lona
  • Doo-Bai 

Chantelle xoxo

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