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Product Review – Maybelline Colorsensational Vivid Matte Liquid 

Australia is finally starting to get the new Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in stores this past week and I’ve been so excited to try these out so I had to pick one up yesterday. I got mine in the shade 05 Nude Flush.

I’ve been really looking forward to trying these as they could be a possible, cheaper alternative to my beloved Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks or become direct competition to the Australis Velourlips as there isn’t really anything in Priceline that compares to the Australis Velourlips when it comes to a matte liquid lipstick.

These unfortunately really disappointed me when it came to being a matte liquid lipstick. My First impressions of this product was that I love the packaging. It feels really nice and I love the matte cap on it. The applicator I find is too big to get a nice, precise application on the lips and would rather a doe foot applicator. 

If not sure if it’s just this shade in particular or not but it has a very strong floral, rose scent which doesn’t go away even after having this on my lips for over half an hour. I’m not a fan of floral scents so that put me off a bit.

The consistency is very moussey so it’s very comfortable on the lips. But it doesn’t dry down at all and I find it’s more like a very pigmented lipgloss in my opinion.

Below is a swatch of Nude Flush straight after application:

And this is the same swatch after half an hour:

I lightly dragged my finger over the swatch after half an hour to see its staying power and I’d say you would definitely have to reapply this after eating and drinking throughout the day.

I also tried it one my lips for the same period and it didn’t dry down to a matte at all and stayed very glossy, even with a thin layer. And when I rubbed my lips together the product seemed to bunch up on my lips.

(Please excuse my no foundation face lol)

This is a good product if you want a pigmented lip gloss but for me I expected a matte liquid lipstick that would have some sort of staying power. So unfortunately I won’t be buying anymore shades and will just stick to the matte liquid lipsticks that I know and love. 

Hope this review was helpful to any of you looking to purshase these.

Chantelle xo

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