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Q&A July 2016

So over the last few weeks I’ve asked you all to give me some questions for this post so you could all get to know me a little better. Most of the questions were beauty related but I’ll do these fairly regularly so if you have any questions for my next Q&A post leave them in the comment section below. And thank you to everyone who left me these question on my Instagram! 😘😘

How long have you been into beauty for?

I have always had an interest in beauty products, dressing up and doing my makeup growing up. When I was in year eight (so 14/15 years old) I started to wear fairly heavy black eyeliner on my lower lashline, which probably thinking back on it would have looked terrible but it was a start to my makeup addiction. Then towards the end of school and the year after school I really got into wearing bright eyelooks. I’ve always experimented with my makeup and tried to go outside of the ‘normal’ box and I’m always learning new techniques and colour combinations.

What are your favourite drugstore and high end brands?


I have so many favourites but my top 3 are the following:

Australis – As they are always on the latest trends and have great quality products for the low price point.

Maybelline – They have some of the best quality lipsticks in the drugstore so they have to be in my top three. I’m also really enjoying some of their new products as well which I will put up a review soon.

Touch in Sol – Their products are so innovative and I really love all their products that I’ve tried so far. They are one of the more expensive brands in Priceline but when they go on sale definitely check them out!

High End 

Too Faced – They have the cutest packaging ever and great attention to detail. Innovative with their products and their quality is top notch.

Urban Decay – I’m obsessed with this brand! I don’t have that much from them yet but the products I do have are perfection and I definitely need to get my hands on more. Also love their packaging!

Kat Von D – Again love the packaging and just the range of colours available with their products is so good! Definitely need more products.

Who inspired you to start beauty blogging/instagramming? 

I’ve always loved makeup and beauty products and I’m really into photography so I wanted to combine the two. I found it hard sometimes to find a positive and honest space within the beauty community so wanted to try and create my own. And I absolutely love the people I have met through this and the opportunities I’ve received because of this and wouldn’t give it up for anything.

My pets:

So you guys wanted to know about my pets and I’d say they are some of the most photographed pets out there! They both have instagrams which I will link below.


Toby is my 12 year old English Cocker Spaniel. I got him just before I turned 13 so have basically grown up with him. I trained him for hours everyday after school so he is extremely well trained and is always giving people high fives.

He’s the sweetest little man, with no mean bone in him. As soon as the camera comes out he just sits there and poses.

Toby’s Instagram: _Tobiasmaximus_


We rescued Zelda in August last year. She was 14 weeks or so old at the time and is a Tabby. My partner has always wanted a cat of his own and if he ever got a girl he would call her Zelda after one of his favourite video games. So when we went to the adoption day and saw this little face and saw that she was already called Zelda we knew it was meant to be.

She was rescued from a cat hoarder who didn’t even know Zelda existed. They lovely people who rescued her found her hiding in a bush outside and almost missed her she was so small.

She’s a crazy cat who loves her own space but loves a snuggle at night. Her and Toby get along crazy well and hate being apart.

Zelda’s Instagram link here.

What products do you personally find overrated and underrated? 

For this I chose one product that I find overrated and the product I believe should receive a lot more hype. 

The Sigma F80 brush, which I’ve had for awhile now seems very overrated to me as it takes ages to get my foundation right with it as it leaves my foundation streaky as its a flat top kabuki. 

I much prefer the Sigma F82 as its a rounded top kabuki it applies my foundation perfectly and much faster.

How do I get my pictures so crisp and clear?

I use natural light and take most of my photos with my iPhone 6 Plus. I then load the photo onto FaceTune and whiten the White background. Sometimes I also use the detail option to increase the sharpness and detail of the products.

How many lipsticks/palettes/foundations…do I own and which are my favourites?

This question could take forever to answer. I have my collection series on here which will answer that for you eventually but I only have my blush collection up at the moment. I’m planning on having more up soon.

What’s my holy grail eyeshadow palette from the drugstore?

I don’t own many drugstore eyeshadow palettes as I find the quality isn’t there and the pigmentation usually sucks but I really love the Australis Matte Bronzeyed girl palette.

I find it comparable to the Kat Von D shade and light eye palette and it’s really pigmented but blends out really well.

Favourite Essence Cosmetics product?

This is so good for when I quickly need to do my brows. Apparently a great dupe to the Benefit Gimme Brow.

Who is my makeup ‘idol’? 

I don’t really have a makeup ‘idol’ but I get inspired by the following Youtubers:


Jeffree Star

Nikkie Tutorials

Jaclyn Hill

Manny Mua


Favourite Jeffree Star Cosmetics product?

This is a hard one as I love every single one of his products but I would have to say his Velour Liquid Lipsticks and my favourite shades are Gemini and Unicorn Blood

Well I really hope you all enjoyed reading this and seeing your questions in here. Don’t forget to leave me some questions below for my next Q&A



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