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One Makeup Bag Challenge – August 2016

So today I thought I would challenge myself and limit myself to one makeup bag that would include but absolute must have products. I FAILED! I’m blaming it on the fact that I didn’t have a big enough bag though haha. I do miss the days where I could take all my makeup with me in one small bag but the collector in me has made sure that is now impossible for me to do. But here is the TWO bags that I filled with all my favourite must have products. There is so many more products I wanted to fit in these bags but couldn’t so these are the products that made the cut. Enjoy! 

I got this bag from Big W and it was a gift with purchase that Australis Cosmetics was having at the time. It’s a decent sized bag and I always use it when I travel as it fits the bulk of my palettes and foundations. 

These are the palettes I have included in this challenge as they are all PERFECTION to me and I can go for so many looks with these palettes.

  1. NARS X STEVEN KLEIN L.E one shocking moment cheek studio palette 
  2. Makeup Geek X Manny mua eyeshadow palette
  3. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette

Sprays and primers are a must and these are my favourites. Honestly, I really struggled to choose just one primer but the Touch in Sol feel like a honey moon primer is a great base for keeping my makeup on all day. 

Setting sprays. I love MAC FIX PLUS for setting down my powder products and using it for intensifying metallic shadows and the Urban Decay all nighter is amazing at setting my makeup all day long.

I always need a couple of options with foundations so I chose these two. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel foundation is my perfect everyday foundation. It quickly blends into the skin, gives me a natural satin finish and last really well throughout the day.

Born this Way foundation is a great full coverage foundation for me. I typically only use it if I’m going out somewhere and need my skin to look flawless and it definitely gives me that. I have the shade Ivory which is too yellow for me so I usually only wear it at night events. I definitely need to get a lighter shade of this foundation.

And lastly in Bag number one is a lip balm and setting powder.

Maybelline Baby lips are great for priming my lips for a matte lipstick as well as wearing it before bed to keep my lips nice and soft. I have two of these, I don’t go anywhere without it.

RCMA no-color powder is my new favourite setting powder. It sets my foundation and concealer so well without drying out my face and primes my skin for my bronzer and blush to go on smoothly and they blend out effortlessly with this powder underneath.


Bag number two is overflowing with lipsticks. It’s one thing I need plenty of options of. This bag was from an online shop called Preciously Mine but has since closed down unfortunately. This is my favourite bag for my lipsticks as it’s the perfect size where they don’t get lost. 

This is everything in Bag number 2. I was quite impressed with how much I got in this little bag.

These two brow products from Benefit Cosmetics are the only brow products I need. I have only had Brow Zings for just over a week now but it has quickly become a staple in my daily makeup routine. It has a wax, powder, double-ended brush and tweezers. It’s perfect to chuck in your bag and also to travel with. Everything in one spot. 

I also love the Gimme Brow by Benefit Cometics. It brushes through my brows keeping all my brow hairs in place all day while giving them a nice natural colour to help my natural brows look a bit better and put together.

I limited myself to one highlighter! Yes, just one! I know I’m pretty proud of myself as well haha. But seriously, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost Highlighters are my absolute favourite. They are so buttery and melt into the skin. I love Ice Cold so I included it in this challenge but I couldn’t fit Peach Goddess in, which I really love as well.

The NARS palette has a great range of blushes but I had to include this blush from Tarte in the shade Expossed. It’s my favourite natural blush and I can’t live without it.

The Maybelline Master Concealer concealer in fair is my favourite concealer I have on hand at the moment. But if I had the NARS radiant creamy concealer it would definitely be in the bag but sadly I’ve run out. 

Also a must have is the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip scrub in Root Beer. This stuff is amazing at getting rid of all the dry skin on your lips leaving your lips so smooth and primed ready for lipstick.

I don’t travel anywhere with out these babies and I use them at least a few times a week. They are my obsession. They are the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadows in the shades Solstice and Space Cowboy. If you have never tried them go to the nearest store that stock Urban Decay and swatch them. You WILL fall in love!

No look is complete without mascara and liquid liner and these are my favourites. The Maybelline Hypersharp winged liner makes winged liner so easy and gives you a sharp, extremely black line. And the Too Faced Better than sex mascara makes my lashes look so big. But I alway wipe off the excess product off the wand to prevent my mascara from getting clumpy.

Now to lipsticks. As you all probably know if you’ve been here for awhile I’m obsessed with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks and these four are my go to. From top to bottom: Unicorn Blood, Celebrity Skin, Androgyny, Gemini. These shades would go with any look I would do while travelling so they are a must have in my makeup bag.

And finally, these two ColourPop Lippie Stix in the shades Lumiere and Brink. They last really well, comfortable on the lips and are definitely some of my most used lipsticks in my collection.

Well if you made it all the way to the end I congratulate you and thank you so much for reading. If you do this challenge let me know so I can check it out.



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