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My Everyday Makeup Brushes

Finding the perfect brushes isn’t always easy. Everyone has their own techniques and ways of applying makeup none of which are wrong or techniques you HAVE to use. That’s the beauty of makeup! A brush might be made for applying blush but you might absolutely love using that brush for your contouring or highlight and there’s nothing wrong with that. Brushes can be used with multiple products and finding what works for you is what’s important. 

So these are the brushes I love to use on a daily basis and work really well for me. I hope that it is helpful to some of you still trying to find that perfect set of brushes. 🙂


These are all of my favourite face brushes and sponge. As you can see I have a bunch of different brands in here and all of them I highly recommend.

Foundation and Concealer

First up I have my favourite flat top kabuki brushes which is usually what people go for with a foundation brush. I love using these to quickly buff in and blend my foundation and concealer. They are dense so keep the foundation on the face for maximum coverage as some brushes or sponges seem to eat up the product and make your foundation look more sheer in coverage.

From top to bottom

These are my favourite brushes to apply my foundation with. These round top kabuki brushes leave your foundation looking flawless as with the flat tops can sometimes leaves streaks, theses ones don’t. My absolute favourite is the Sigma F82 in the middle it is just perfection in a brush and I wish I had more (I’m always cleaning that brush). The gold Tarte brush is great for full coverage foundations as it makes them look a little more natural and less cakey.

From top to bottom

Now this baby is my absolute favourite way to apply and blend out foundation. The finish a damp makeup sponge gives is so much better than any brush I’ve ever tried. This is the one from Real Techniques. It’s their Miracle Complexion Sponge. All you do is put it under the tap and make sure it’s completely soaked squeeze out the excess water and you are ready to go! If you’ve never tried a sponge to apply your foundation, go to Priceline and pick one up you won’t go back!

Setting/Powder brushes

I love these three for setting my face with translucent powder after foundation. The Sigma F86 and Elf blush brush are both setting for setting under eye concealer while the Spectrum A01 is great for the rest of the face.

Top to bottom

Bronzer & Contour brushes

These are the best brushes for bronzer and contour I have come across. The Morphe E2 is great to quickly bronze larger areas, while the Spectrum C04 is great for bronzing the cheek/contour area as it’s an angled brush. The Spectrum C02 gives a really good strong contour but also is able to blend out the contour to look a little more natural if that’s what you’re going for.

Brush brushes

These two are absolutely perfect for blush. They are both extremely soft and blend out powder product really well.

Highlight brush

I’m still on the look out for the perfect highlighting brush but I’m really enjoying these at the moment.

  • Spectrum A05
  • Tarte Blush brush (can’t find online anymore as it was a part of a Christmas limited edition set)

Eye Brushes

These are the only eye brushes I really need. I have a few other brushes similar or double ups but these are my absolute must have eye brushes.

From left to right 

  1. Daiso eyeshadow brush: I have four of these brushes I love it so much! It’s the perfect brush to pack on metallic and foiled shadows on the eyelid. Cannot recommend this price enough!
  2. Morphe G28: The perfect brush to apply eyeshadow on the lower lash line!
  3. Spectrum A06: I used this brush to apply a skin tone eyeshadow all over my life up to my brows as a base for the rest of my eyeshadow.
  4. Morphe E17: This is a great little blending brush for doing more detailed crease work but I mainly use it to apply eyeshadow on the out v and it is perfect for that.
  5. Morphe E27: Everyone needs a good fluffy blending brush and this is it! It’s so soft and blends out shadows effortlessly.

So that’s my everyday makeup brushes. I hope you enjoyed and if you have any highlighting brush recommendations leave them in the comment section below.



8 thoughts on “My Everyday Makeup Brushes

  1. Love this post! Love the variety of brushes and the links for where to buy them. I also like your writing style, it’s really straightforward.

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