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MECCA Beauty Loop Box Level 2 October 2016

So today the next lot of MECCA Beauty Loop boxes have become available in store and online, so on the way home I had to duck into Mecca to grab my level 2 box to show you all what’s inside!

I’m so excited about these products! I always look forward to Beauty Loop box time as it’s always great to get samples of products you wouldn’t necessarily buy or think of buying.

1. BOBBI BROWN – Smokey Eye Mascara

The Bobbi brown smokey eye mascara has been in the Beauty Loop box before and I absolutely loved it the first time so I’m so happy I’ve got another one to use when I need a new mascara. I need to buy a full size of this eventually. 
2. JOSIE MARAN COSMETICS – 100% pure argan oil

This argan oil has so many uses so I can’t wait to try it as a base for my foundation. I’ve heard  many great things about this product.
3. SMASHBOX – Insta-Matte lipstick transformer

Most of the lipsticks I wear are already Matte but I’m interested to see how well this works and mattifying lipsticks.
4. DIPTYQUE – Philosykos EDP

I always love getting perfume samples as I always stick to the same perfume. I can’t decide this smell at all haha it’s so different from anything I’ve smelt before. Still undecided if I like it or not. I’ll see how it wears on my skin.

Also couldn’t go into Mecca Maxima without picking up a little something so I got the Frank Body Lip Balm for $7.95! It’s so thick and moisturing. Definitely one to keep on me at all times.

Well that’s everything in the Level 2 MECCA Beauty Loop box. Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comment section what you got in your Beauty Loop box this month. šŸ™‚
Chantelle xx

2 thoughts on “MECCA Beauty Loop Box Level 2 October 2016

  1. EEEEEEP! this makes me so excited! i missed out last time as I joined up too late, so this is my first time and I am already level 2 oops! does every level 2 box get the same things? I love everything in this box! can’t wait to get mine in the mail!

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    1. The products can be slightly different. I saw someone got a toofaced melted lipstick in there box instead of the mascara but I’m so happy I got this one. I love the Bobbi brown mascara so much! Yeah it’s surprising how quick it is to get to level 2 haha šŸ™‚


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