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So it has been awhile…

Where has the last 10 months gone! I can’t believe it has been that long since my last blog post. I miss posting on my blog so much but life rudely got in the way and I haven’t had the chance to post. Working full time and studying online full time has really made it hard to find the time to keep my Instagram going, let alone keep up with weekly blog posts on here.

IMG_4492 2

Now I can’t make any promises but I am hoping to get a heap of content back up on my blog from now as this has always been a great outlet for me to tell you my thoughts of products and just talk all things makeup and beauty with all of you beautiful people. Any ideas on what you would like to see from me on here would be greatly appreciated and I will try to keep up with all the latest beauty releases for you and review them here and tell you whether I think they are worth the money or not as well as showing you my favourite, must have products.

And lastly, thank you all so much on your support over the last few years with my Instagram and Blog, I really do appreciate each and every one of you and can’t wait to get into blogging again and creating some great content!





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