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BYS Halloween Spooktacular Soiree at Luna Park Melbourne – 19th October 2017

Last Thursday night I had the honour of being invited to the first BYS Cosmetics Halloween Spooktacular Soiree held at Luna Park in Melbourne. The whole park was closed off to us and we could walk around about half of the park and the ghost train was open to us, if we dare (which I didn’t. coz i’m a scaredy cat). In the event space above Luna Park they had a photo wall and bar tables scattered around with different BYS products including their SFX makeup products.

I brought my bestie Emmalese along for the event and we only had an hour and a half to get ready after work so it was a mad rush but I think we did pretty good for our first time at this type of makeup and the short amount of time we had to get ready. Plus it was super fun to apply all that fake blood on our face, we just couldn’t move our mouth otherwise it would start to flake off.

Walking around Luna Park with just people from the event around was pretty awesome! It had a great vibe to it and a little creepy too. We spent ages outside just soaking up the atmosphere and taking a bunch of photos 🙂

The event had heaps of drinks options and the food looked amazing! I didn’t have any food as I couldn’t open my mouth much at all with the fake blood so went for a Maccas run afterwards and freaked out the person who served us in the Drive Thru haha but damn those fries were good haha.

Anyway, so back to the event. I was a great experience and loved every minute of it! And we all left we massive goodie bags with tonnes of chocolate and lollies and a heap of their SFX products which I will have to experiment soon with Halloween only a week and a half away!


Until next time Luna Park..

Thanks again to Sammy and BYS for the invite to your first Halloween Spectacular Soiree and can’t wait for next year!




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