My Anxiety Emergency Kit

This is going to be a hard and very personal post to write but I have come to the realisation that I am not alone and so many people out there suffer with anxiety so if I can help just one other person with this post in sharing my experiences sharing this will be all worth it.

Growing up I have always needed to control and organise my life and things around me in my own particular way and never coped if I couldn’t do so. I have always struggled with particular social settings and going through primary and high school I always just felt that I was just shy and I felt left out and alone like I wasn’t as good as the other kids I went to school with because they seemed to have no trouble with going up the front in class or getting involved in school plays and other social programs and events, I was just in the background beating myself up because I just couldn’t bring myself to do any of those things without great discomfort.

As a 26 year old women I now realise that I’ve had Anxiety, mild OCD and Social anxiety from a very young age. I’ve been to a number of doctors that have all told me that my heart rate is too high and when they ask if i’m anxious or stressed I reply to them “I am always anxious, stressed and paranoid and I don’t know how to control it” they reply with “just turn it off, it isn’t real”. This makes me so angry and if you suffer the same as me I can only imagine hearing that makes your blood boil. Anxiety is very real to so many people and because its something that can’t be seen physically from others many believe it’s not real and ‘sufferers’ just make it up as an excuse for their behaviour, it’s not!

Now by no means am I in a good place with my anxiety but it is getting better thanks to this little kit I have made myself. I found a few posts around the internet that have really helped me make up this kit and I then took what I needed from those posts to create my own personalised kit that helps me. Before I get anymore into this I do want to say, no doctor has officially diagnosed me with Anxiety, OCD and Social Anxiety (as i’ve had enough of doctors saying anxiety isn’t real) but I have done a tonne of research into symptoms and really got to know myself and how I work and really listen to my mind and body with how I feel and I know I suffer from all three of these and any close family members, my partner and my closest friends will all agree with me that these have controlled me for the majority of my life and i’m trying to get in control of them and openly discussing them and realising I have anxiety and working towards understanding it has already helped so much.

By no means am I putting this out there to get sympathy or be the victim, that just isn’t me. I am a very strong and determined person so I know when I need to talk through things and share my experiences in the hopes that I can connect with others that feel the same. I never use my anxiety as an excuse to not do anything and will push through it but as anyone who suffers with anxiety some days you just can’t beat it.

If you or someone you know suffers from Anxiety I found this link helpful.

The Bag

The bag I wanted to use to hold everything I could possibly need if I was having a bad day needed to make me smile and nothing makes me smile like something holographic! So the Beat Bag makeup bag was a no brainer for me to be my anxiety emergency kit. It has a great organised interior to keep everything I need in their own spot. I love it! So much so I am doing a giveaway with Beat Bag for one of my followers to win one! More details about the giveaway will be at the end of this post.


What’s in my kit?


Now many of you may think that most of these items are already in your handbag or in your car but all of these have a purpose in making me feeling better if i’m having a bad day and just want to go home and hop into bed and stay there for a week. Obviously most of us can’t afford to just take days or weeks off because our anxiety is at its worst so these items help me get through the day. I do believe a day off here and there to just have a day to yourself and do whatever it is you want that day does do wonders. Although these days with busy work weeks and full time online uni, blogging and keeping up with my Instagram I get little to zero time to just do what I want, but I try to spend week nights watching Netflix, playing Killing Floor online and playing with makeup and it calms me down and gives me that time to just switch off for a while.

Essential Oil Blends by Em’s Blends


I’ve wanted to try Essential oils for my anxiety for a while now but didn’t really know where to start so when I saw Em’s Blends on Instagram and saw the Emotions Trio I knew I had to give them a go. They are in a convenient roll on bottle and i’ve used these for the past week and a bit and I have already felt such a difference in my emotions and anxiety and they are an absolute must have in my kit!


I absolutely hate the feeling of feeling dirty and during the day at work my hands can get covered in dirt and germs so having these two products in my kit help me stay clean and therefore keeping me calm and not agitated by the fact I have dirty hands.


Nothing worse then being out for the day and realising you have oily hair, so a travel sized Batiste Dry Shampoo is a must for keeping my hair fresh.

Also need a moisturiser and heavy duty lip balm as I can get dry and irritated skin and lips really easily and if i’m anxious and irritated i’ll start biting my lips or scratching at my dry skin so these products will prevent that.

I’ve added tissues as they are always handy to have and as I suffer from allergies and hay fever I can’t go very long without needing a tissues or three 🙂

Adding on from hay fever and allergies my eyes can get dry, itchy or heavy so eye drops are also handy to have on me.


Also even though it isn’t good for you apparently and probably TMI but I can’t stand the feeling of knowing I have any ear wax in my ears (close to the opening of my ear anyway) and it makes me really irritated and anxious really quickly if I notice it so I’ve always got cotton tips near by.

I found this cute little tin at the grocery store the other week with Toni&Guy bobby pins and hair elastics which I thought would be great for this kit and I lose mine all the time and because my hair is super long it always gets in my way so it’s handy to have this in my kit if I need to get my hair out of the way.


Another thing that can make me feel anxious is if I feel as though my breath isn’t fresh so these Listerine strips are great to get that freshness back after meals. I find chewing on something can really calm me down but i’m not a huge fan of chewing gum so these Rescue Pastilles and Zappos are great to have on me and Zappos are so yum!!!

If i’m having a busy day at work or doing study I can easily forget to drink enough water so these Hydralyte tablets dissolve into my water and give me that boost I need from being dehydrated.

Lastly, I have a Fidget Cube in my kit (forgot to take a photo of it) and I love to have it in my pocket as it has a real calming affect on me.

Not all of these are specifically necessary to cope with my anxiety everyday but they help me in different ways when I start to feel anxious or irritated. These may not work for you but I wanted to share with you what has been working for me. I also have my phone loaded with photos that make me happy and Spotify playlists that remind me of happy memories which always helps me during the day driving around the place 🙂

In addition to this bag and most importantly my fiancé and our furbabies (Toby, the cocker spaniel and Zelda , the tabby cat) help me SO much with my anxiety and are my absolute rock and don’t know what I would do without them. Spending time with our pets makes me so happy and their unconditional love and smiles always brighten my day! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was definitely a more personal one but I do hope that if you suffer with anxiety it connected with you in some way and remember we are not alone and you never know what other people are going through so please by mindful with how you treat others as you don’t always know what is going on in their lives.

If you want to win a Beat Bag there’s a giveaway on my Instagram, so check out the post with the below photo and it will have a list instructions for you to do in order to be in the running to win one of these amazing makeup bags!




6 thoughts on “My Anxiety Emergency Kit

  1. This is freaking awesome! I have a mental image of my toolbox to help me with anxiety and depression but I never thought of creating a physical toolbox! This is really brilliant. I have a fidget cube too, but sometimes I need something soft. I could put in a piece of super soft and silky fabric. I could carry my meds in my bag.

    Now I need to get a bag LOL! Seriously, what a great idea. I’m so glad you shared it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a great idea! I suffer with anxiety to the point I landed myself in a&e twice this year and almost didn’t get to go to New York because of being under medical investigation on my heart … looking likely to all be down to anxiety! This kit is such a fab idea! Fab post xx


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