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Colourpop No Filter Foundation, Powder & Concealer review

Colourpop is one of those brands that really got me into makeup and starting my blog and Instagram. They are affordable, great quality products and there is constantly new releases and new products coming out so it keeps the brand fresh and exciting which I absolutely love. So when Colourpop announced that they were adding to their No Filter range (they already had the concealer) with a liquid foundation and powders I couldn’t hold in my excitement!! I’ve been really into base products this past year and trying to find those incredible, staple products for my collection that I know will never let me down.


So on release day I set my alarm for 3am Melbourne time (which is 10am PST) and hoped and prayed that I could manage to order my shades before they sold out. Colourpop posted some great tips on how to pick your perfect shade in the foundation by comparing their shades to shades in other brand’s foundations. Looking at that and a comparison I found on Instagram that compared their concealers and foundations I decided to pick the shades Fair 15 and Fair 30. Fair 15 is described as a Warm foundation with light yellow undertones for very fair skin tones and Fair 30 as a Neutral foundation with pink undertones for fair skin tones. I would agree with both descriptions but I wish that Fair 30 was more Neutral and less pink.

Now before I get into this review I’d just like to point out that this is my own personal experience with these products and it may be different to how you or someone else finds these products. My skin is normal to occasionally dry as well as being quite sensitive and have dehydrated under eyes.

Ok, now that is out of the way and you know what my skin is like here’s the review for the No Filter Foundation from Colourpop:


Colourpop No Filter Foundation $12USD (Fair 15 pictured)

Below is the description of this foundation from the Colourpop website

Developed for the Selfie Age, our full coverage, natural matte foundation delivers flawless looking skin from day-to-night. The oil-free, lightweight formula blends smoothly and is easily customizable to create the coverage you want. Build it up or sheer it out, it was developed with innovative soft-blurring pigments to deliver true color while looking and feeling natural. The lockable pump is easy to use and keeps your routine mess-free! As always, 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Net Weight 25mL (0.85 fl oz)

Reading that I had very high expectations of this foundation and especially because I have loved everything I have tried from Colourpop so far. So the moment I received my order in the mail I took off my makeup and put this to the test.

Day 1 approx. 3:30pm-11:30pm (8hours) wear time

Since the foundation had claims like full coverage and matte I primed my skin with my favourite moisturising primer, the Mecca Cosmetica Multi-Purpose Plumping Balm. Once I applied than I took a small amount of the Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer in my T-zone and cheek area to cover any enlarged pores. I then applied the foundation using a Morphe G6 Flat Buffer brush, which works really well to quickly apply the foundation, whilst keeping the coverage there as well. The foundation is quite liquidy and thin (not like the Fenty foundation) but if you put a pump on the back of your hand then angle your hand to the side it will move fairly quickly down your hand, so I feel as though you would end up using a tonne more product using a sponge. Once I was happy with the coverage on my skin I used a damp Beauty Blender to just finish off the blend and get my skin looking extra smooth and make sure there is now streaks from the brush.

The foundation has more of a satin, natural look to it at this stage and tacky so I feel as though for me and my skin I definitely needed to set it. But before I set the foundation I went in with the Colourpop No Filter Concealer.


Colourpop No Filter Concealer $6USD – Fair 04

Here’s what Colourpop has to say about their concealer:

A lightweight, creamy, full-coverage concealer formulated with soft-blurring pigments to create the ultimate matte, flawless complexion.

Finish Matte

Net Weight 4.0g (0.14oz)

I went in with shade Fair 04 to brighten the under eyes, highlight other areas of the face and around the nose. I blended it out with my Beauty Blender and it seamlessly blended in with the foundation. This concealer has a good medium coverage that looks natural on the skin.

Now it’s time to set the foundation and concealer..


Colourpop No Filter Loose Setting Powder $9USD – Translucent

I’ve been on the hunt lately for a great setting power so I had to try this $9 one!

Here’s what Colourpop has to say about their loose setting powder:

Lock in makeup with our translucent, weightless loose setting powder. Developed with ultra-fine smooth powders to provide a long wearing, soft focus matte finish without feeling heavy or looking cakey. Always 100% cruelty free and vegan, our formula was photo tested to never flashback, giving you selfie-ready skin in any light.

Net Weight 8.5g (0.30oz)

I used this loose powder with my damp beauty blender to set my under eyes and around my nose and mouth area and oh boy! did my skin look blurred! I love this powder! It is so fine and sets the makeup perfectly and gives your skin that blurred look.


Colourpop No Filter Sheer Matte Pressed Powder $9USD – Fair

Here’s what Colourpop has to say about this powder:

Weightless, natural matte sheer pressed powder reduces shine and blurs imperfections in a convenient on-the-go compact. Ultra-fine powder blends seamlessly onto bare skin, over foundation, or as a touch up without creasing or caking. 100% cruelty free, vegan formula was photo tested to never flashback, giving you a natural matte, soft focus look anywhere you go.

Net Weight 5.50g (0.19oz)

I set the rest of my face using this sheer matte pressed powder and it blurred my skin to perfection, leaving my skin silky smooth. This would be the perfect touch up powder throughout the day if needed as it doesn’t give coverage it just blurs the skin and doesn’t look cakey at all as the description above claims.

The rest of my makeup applied on top of these products amazing and as time went on the products settled into my skin really well, giving me a flawless matte finish. The foundation didn’t move at all except for around my nose area as I am always sneezing, etc. from my allergies but it didn’t break apart badly in that area, which surprised me as most foundations do that. I took off the foundation around 11:30pm, so after 8 hours wear and it still looked fresh and flawless on my skin!

Day 2 approx. 10:00am-5:00pm (7hours) wear time

I did my makeup exactly the same as Day 1 except for my primer. I used the Mecca Max  Bring on Bright Illuminating primer and I found that the combination of the primer and foundation didn’t work the best together as my skin wasn’t as moisturised and there was no pore filling properties in the primer, so my pores were more visible Day 2. But once I used the powders my pores were less visible but definitely not as much as Day 1. Foundation wore the same throughout both days.

Before I get to my final thoughts and conclusion on these products here’s a comparison swatch of the foundation with other foundations I have in my collection:

In Natural Light


With Flash


And here’s a photo showing the No Filter Foundation in shades 30 (left) and 15 (right) over a tattoo to show coverage with a a tiny drop of the foundation.


Overall, for the price you can’t go wrong! Is there foundations I like more? yes. But for $12 and the vast shade range and gorgeous finish and wear time I will definitely continue to wear this foundation daily. The powders are AMAZING!! I love them both and I already love and use the Colourpop concealer almost everyday. I hope that this was helpful and if you have any questions I didn’t cover please ask away in the comment section below.



18 thoughts on “Colourpop No Filter Foundation, Powder & Concealer review

    1. When companies claim their products have a blurring effect I’m always sceptical, but these products actually do! You definitely need to give this brand a go! I’ve been so impressed with everything I’ve tried from them so far


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