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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Frost First Impression

It has been awhile since Jeffree Star Cosmetics has come out with a brand new product so to say I was a little excited for the Liquid Frost highlighter launch was an understatement! I love highlighters so much, so I was definitely keen to try them out. I was kindly and generously sent these from Jeffree Star Cosmetics in a PR package which I am so grateful for as this year has been rough so I wouldn’t be able to buy these myself. So thank you, thank you, thank you, again to Jeffree Star and his team.

The launch includes 8 incredible shades, which is great so that everyone can find a shade that works best for their tastes and skin tone. They retail for $25 USD and are Vegan, Cruelty free, Talc free, Paraben and Gluten-free. There is also 30ml of product, so the size of a typical foundation, which is great!


There is so many different ways to use these, which I absolutely love! You can apply them on their own or with a body lotion all over you body, mixed in with your primer or foundation, used on the high points of the face for highlight and I’ve used these as an eyeshadow.


These do have glitter in them so when mixing them into your foundation that will come through but it isn’t chunky at all and I think it looks really pretty. I used Canary Bling with my base and it is a beautiful gold with with pink glitter through it so it is definitely a stand out to me. I used Ice Queen as a highlighter and it blended into my skin so smoothly and the violet glitters in it are insane!! It will be my go to highlighter coming into spring for sure! (I live in Melbourne so we are just coming out of winter)





Natural LightIMG_7593

Sorry this is just a quick post. Life is insane right now but really wanted to share my first impressions with you asap! these are stunning and depending on your tastes I would definitely pick up a couple of shades to try out! I know i’ll be bathing in these coming into the warmer months 🙂



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