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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Supreme Frost & Velour Lip Liner Review

These released a few weeks back but I wanted to wait till I saw a few swatches before purchasing. Still couldn’t really find much so I just went in a picked up a few shades of each product from Black Swallow who is an official retailer for Jeffree Star Cosmetics, here in Australia. I ordered 6am Wednesday morning and I had it in my hands by 4pm the next day!! So impressed with the fast delivery and everything was packed really well so the products arrived in perfect condition. They also offer Afterpay and Zippay which is great too.

The Supreme Frost highlighters retail for $45AUD and the Velour Lip Liners retail for $23AUD on their website so I wanted to choose what shades I wanted carefully as I can’t afford to pick up the whole collection in one go. I got the shades Hypothermia and Snow Globe in the Supreme Frosts and Allegedly and Anna Nicole in the lip liners.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics are always Vegan and Cruelty Free and these products are no different. The Velour lip liners are also eye safe and long wearing so are perfect to use in the waterline whilst still being creamy and pigmented. The Supreme Frost highlighters are a new highlighter formula for the brand with a baked-gel hybrid formula it is meant to have a more intense metallic payoff than the original Skin Frost highlighters.

Now you know a little more about the products let’s jump into my review and swatches!

Supreme Frost Highlighters


Snow Globe Supreme Frost

Is a stunning light gold shade with gold glitter. On the skin the glitter is definitely present so if you don’t like a glittery highlighter this might not be for you. It has a stunning shine to it where it almost looks wet on the skin. I have also used it as an eyeshadow all over the lid and it worked so well! definitely apply with a finger not a brush to get the most payoff. When applying on your cheekbones I suggest also using your fingers or a damp beauty sponge to get the most payoff and shine with these and they last all day on the skin with little to no fading in my experience with them.




Hypothermia Supreme Frost

The moment I saw the shade Hypothermia on Jeffree’s Youtube channel in the reveal video I got so excited!! I love these types of shades that shift from a brownish red/purple to a teal/blue. I have so many in my collection as it is my favourite type of eyeshadow to use so even if I couldn’t use it as a highlighter I knew I would get a lot of use out of it as an eyeshadow.

I could honestly stare at this shade for ever!! It is probably the most beautiful highlighter I’ve ever seen and love how unique it is as a highlighter. I’ve worn it as a highlighter and eyeshadow and love it both ways so much, even if it has a slight warm shadow to it when you look front on at my face when i’m wearing it as a highlighter i’d still wear it out. considering I am so pale I am surprised I can make it work on my skin tone. It would look incredible on medium to deep skin tones.

Here’s some finger swatches of Hypothermia and Snow Globe:


If you want to try these I definitely suggest giving them a go. Snow Globe is a stunning shade and Hypothermia is such a unique highlighter it definitely adds something extra to your look and both work really well as an eyeshadow. I have Money Honey and Wet Dream next on my list as they look stunning as well.


Velour Lip Liners

I don’t usually use lip liners often as I usually wear JSC Velour Liquid Lipsticks which with their applicator make it really easy to get that defined line and perfect application with ease but I struggle with regular bullet lipsticks to get the perfect line so I had to pick up a few shades to use with my JSC Lip Ammunition shades and try them out in the waterline too as they are long wearing and eye safe.


Now, before I get into the formula and wear of these beauties, just look at that packaging!! I store all my lip liners and eye liners together in a drawer and it can be so hard to find what I’m looking for sometimes…..I won’t have that problem with these. I love the design of these from the shade on the bottom of the pencil to the wand looking gold lid, it’s perfect! It would be so cool if the lid somehow had a sharper in it but either way it is still AWESOME! the lid is quite weighty as well so it feels like a luxurious, high quality product, which it is.


So I got the shades Allegedly and Anna Nicole as my first two shades from the line as I love the Lip Ammunition in Allegedly so wanted the matching lip liner and I got Anna Nicole for the waterline as I love doing red/pink eye looks so thought it would finish off the eye look really well.


Swatches: Left is Anna Nicole and Right is Allegedly

These are one swipe intense payoff that are super long wearing that nicely fade throughout the day if you are eating and drinking and don’t bleed or move. This goes the same for the waterline. they last AGES!!!! I can’t recommend these lip liners enough. Probably my favourite lip liners I have ever tried as they are creamy, pigmented, long wearing and comfortable to wear on the lips and the waterline.

Makeup Look 

Below are some photos of my makeup look using all of these products.


This is my go to eye look most days. JSC Blood Sugar eyeshadow palette on the eyes with Hypothermia Supreme Frost on the lid, inner corner and brow bone, with Anna Nicole Velour lip liner in the waterline. Excuse my brows….they are always a mess haha. Zero Facetune besides getting rid of redness around my nose from my allergies with Hay Fever season in full swing in Melbourne.


Snow Globe Supreme Frost as my highlight and Allegedly lip liner and lip ammunition on the lips.


I’ve added this photo in particular to show the warm shadow Hypothermia Supreme Frosts shows up on my skin when you aren’t looking straight on the highlight.


And this is how Hypothermia looks when it’s blinding the the light straight onto it. It looks a lot smoother and more wet on the skin than Snow Globe does.

Well I hope this review helped you if you are looking to purchases these products. As most of you know I absolutely love Jeffree Star Cosmetics, from their unique shades, packaging and formula and have quite the collection now, I will always remain completely honest with you on how a product works for me and what I think about it.

If you only get one shade from the Supreme Frost highlighters I recommend Hypothermia 100%!!! It’s Stunning!! and the Velour Lip Liners are incredible and i’d suggest picking up a shade you would use a lot on your lips and one fun one for the waterline.

Well I’m off to spend some quality time staring at Hypothermia and let me know in the comments below what you think of these products and if you have or are picking up anything of these.





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