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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jawbreaker Summer Collection 2019

I can’t believe it has been since November last year since I’ve posted on here! So much has happened since then which probably explains my absence but I really do miss posting on here and will try to get better at posting more frequently. Since my last post, I’ve had two new jobs, got a puppy and finished my degree! It has been a huge 8 months or so. Anyway enough about that, I received my JSC order this week and couldn’t wait to dive into it today to see how everything was. I didn’t get everything in the collection that I wanted but I’m happy with what I ordered in the end. I almost always order straight from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website as I love to collect the tissue paper and postcards that come with each launch plus they are the only ones that usually have all of the merch. I was disappointed when I opened my order to find no postcard but completely understand that they would have been flat out on launch and must have just missed it or run out.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is my favourite brand and I have been collecting since the beginning. Here’s a look at past summer collections next to this year’s collection.


Let me know in the comment section below which Summer collection was your favourite?

I ended up picking a few merch pieces from the Jawbreaker Summer Collection and they are so pretty! Here’s what I got:

Pink Jawbreaker Travel Makeup Bag


I love these makeup bags. I have the orange one from last year’s summer collection and they are really high quality using vegan leather and sturdy hardware, given them that luxe feel.

These travel bags can fit all the makeup you could possibly want when traveling or to hold your everyday essentials.

These are the only bags I use to take my makeup with me when I travel and I love the mesh zip pocket to make it super simple to find smaller makeup items like brow products and mascara.


Pink Jawbreaker Star Mirror


Not too much to say about this besides it is a great hand mirror and I love the design of this one in particular. they have really nice quality mirrors on the other side and always take one of these with me when I travel. Super cute on my makeup desk too.

Jawbreaker iPhone Case


The design of this case is really cool, but that’s as far as the positives go for me. for $18 USD I was expecting far better quality than this. This case reminds me of the $0.99 soft silicone cases you can get off eBay. It doesn’t really protect your screen and wouldn’t protect the phone much if you dropped it. With phone cases, I always prefer a case that is more sturdy and has an impact pumper around the perimeter and raised above the screen. See below photos for a closer look. I will personally only use this case when I’m at home and nowhere that I could potentially drop my phone.

Overall I’m really happy with the star mirror and travel makeup bag and highly recommend them but wouldn’t recommend the iPhone case, especially for the price.

Now onto the makeup products…

Cucumber Mint Velour Lip Scrub


If you haven’t tried the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrubs you are missing out!! they a vegan and cruelty-free plus they are edible!! What’s not to love! I picked up the Cucumber Mint flavour and the cucumber scent isn’t as strong as the mint but it is a really nice and refreshing scrub that leaves your lips feeling super soft and smooth.

Glazed Lip Ammunition 


I decided to pick up just one of the lip ammunitions this time as they were all glitter formulas and I don’t really wear glitter lips that often but loved the packaging and wanted to try it out. This shade would work on its own or with a lip liner or lipstick as a topper.

It has pink, gold and peach reflect glitter from what I can see and it is so stunning on the lips! I can’t wait to experiment with different lip combos with this.

Ps. who else can curl their tongue?? haha

Velour Liquid Lipsticks in the shades Strawberry Crush and Fully Nude


Out of the 6 shades that came out with this Summer Collection I knew I had to have these two shades! I love a great nude shade and can’t pass up bright corals and reds so these are perfect! I love this formula so much as it is super comfortable and long lasting as these shades are no different. If you haven’t tried this formula yet you have too! There’s a shade for everyone and every mood 🙂

Now for the most exciting part of this collection, in my opinion. The Jawbreaker and Mini Breaker palettes!!!


Jawbreaker palette


The Jawbreaker palette consists of 24 shades with a mixture of eyeshadows and pressed pigments it has a fantastic range of shades and finishes. This palette is also vegan and cruelty-free and is so versatile, plenty of bright and safe shades for endless looks.

So far I’ve used the shades: Bubble Gum, WOW, Cute, Fuck, Jawbreaker, Sour, Soaked, Raspberry, Lemon Drop, and Cherry Wet and they all have amazing pigment and blended really well whilst keeping their intensity. The only shade I found harder to blend was Soaked and Sour took a while to build up to the intensity I wanted but wasn’t too difficult at all.

Mini-Breaker Palette


I love the shades in this palette so much and it is a great travel sized palette. I’ve only tried the shade Purple Punch so far but it was one of the best purple shades I’ve ever used! I can’t wait to try out more of these shades soon.

Look I created with the Jawbreaker Summer Collection


Really happy with how this rainbow look turned out, everything but the blue shade (Soaked) blended out really easily and they all stayed super vibrant! Also wearing the Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Strawberry Crush.

Overall, the palettes are a must have in my opinion if you love playing with colour and the lipsticks are beautiful too. I love this collection and am looking forward to creating more looks. What look should I do next?

Also if you love my earrings in these photos I ordered them from Katie Pie Design on Etsy last week and I’m completely in love with them! If you love cute and fun earrings check them out 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read my review and I hope you enjoyed 🙂



Disclaimer: All products in this post were purchased myself and I was not asked to talk about any of the products in this post. All opinions and photos are my own.

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